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Governor’s Mansion - Dickoya

Governor’s Mansion - Dickoya
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A fully restored boutique English styled mansion offers a luxuriously pampered experience for anyone. Experience the British living during the Colonial Era with original antiques and a wide choice of accommodation types.

The Hotel

The Governor’s Mansion is set 4000 ft above sea level in the cool climes of the famous Tea valley of Dickoya in Sri Lanka. The hotel offers panoramic views of the tea estates and mountain ranges. Visitors can walk amongst the tea bushes in the plantation and observe the daily routines. The hotel is approx. 4 hrs drive from Colombo airport.
  • Tea valley of Dickoya
  • Walks amongst the tea bushes
  • Dining room
  • Floodlit tennis court
  • A century old snooker table
  • Board games

Rooms & Facilities

Hotel Facilities:
  • Floodlit tennis court
  • A century old snooker table
  • Board games
  • Badminton
  • Karaoke
  • In the area - international golf courses, cycling, Tea estates, Adam's Peak, Warleigh Church, scenic walks and Darawala Cricket & Rugby Club
IMPORTANT NOTICE - Facilities can not be guaranteed to be open at all times from time to time facilities may close for various reason such as due to maintenance or low occupancy, without notice.

11 Suites are tastefully designed in colonial style and fully equipped with all modern amenities. Each suite has an en-suite bathroom, writing desk, teak wooden floor and antique furniture. 
Guest Suites:
Governor's Suite – a spacious suite with a panoramic view, leather sofas and a 4 poster bed. 
Edwardian Suite – a medium sized suite with a 4 poster bed with Victorian touch. The suite has connecting doorway with Governor’s suite (recommended for families). 
Royal Suite – a spacious suite with a 4 poster double bed and panoramic views of the garden and countryside. 
Albany Suite – a large double suite located next to a grand display of collected artefacts. The balcony is accessed separately.
Regency Suite - a comfortable double suite with the queen sized bed. The balcony is accessed separately.
Queen’s Suite – a large suite with double beds, leather chairs and a periodic taste. The suite is furnished with furniture once used by members of the Royal Family on a stay at the Governor’s Mansion.
Grovenor Suite – a double-bed suite with a rustic feeling and views of amazing scenery.
Kensington Suite – a double suite with antique furniture and artefacts is located at the end of corridor and offer privacy. 
Buckinghamshire Suite – a single cozy suite is located on the first floor. 
Doncaster Suite – a tranquil double suite is located on the ground floor.
Victorian Suite – a spacious tastefully decorated suite is located at the end of corridor on the ground floor.


The Governor’s Mansion dinning room offer Continental cuisine with a selection of world-class wines and personalised food service. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It also offers sandwiches, tea from the estate, tea cakes or gourmet cuisine. The dining room is set in the garden, overlooking tea estates and mountain ranges.



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