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Seychelles Island Hopping 2 Islands - 10nts

fr: £2,899


LuxurySeychelles Island Hopping 2 Islands - 10nts
At a Glance
Overview Highlights
  • Visit and explore Morne Seychellois National Park Mahé
  • The capital city Victoria & local market & “Little Ben” - a famous landmark clock tower (Mahé)
  • Explore the Black Pearl Ocean Farm (Praslin)
11 Days / 10nts
Mahé (5nts) & Praslin (5nts)

Your Hotels:
5 nts Mahé - 4* Constance Ephelia Resort
5 nts Praslin - 5* Constance Lemuria Resort

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Seychelles Island Hopping 2 Islands - 8nts

fr: £1,929


LuxurySeychelles Island Hopping 2 Islands - 8nts
At a Glance
Overview Highlights
  • Explore the Black Pearl Ocean Farm in Praslin
  • Visit the capital city Victoria & local market & “Little Ben” - a famous landmark clock tower (Mahé)
  • The tranquillity and serenity of the islands
9 Days / 8nts
Praslin (4nts) + Mahé (4nts)

Your Hotels:
4 nts Praslin - 4* L’Archipel
4 nts Mahé - 4* Cerf Island Marine Park Resort 

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Seychelles Island Hopping 2 Islands - 14nts

fr: £4,469


LuxurySeychelles Island Hopping 2 Islands - 14nts
At a Glance
Overview Highlights
  • Explore the Valle de Mai (a preserved forest area - Praslin)
  • Take a time to visit the Black Pearl Ocean Farm (Praslin)
  • Mahé Tea Factory
  • Visit the capital city Victoria & local market & “Little Ben” - a famous landmark clock tower (Mahé)
15 Days / 14nts
Praslin (7nts) + Mahé (7nts)

Your Hotels:
7 nts Praslin - Boutique 4* Chateau de Feullies
7 nts Mahé - 4* Cerf Island Marine Park Resort

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Seychelles Private Islands Hopping - 10nts

fr: £5,649


LuxurySeychelles Private Islands Hopping - 10nts
At a Glance
Overview Highlights
  • Desroches Island - the largest coral island of the Amirantes group of islands in the Seychelles 
  • Miles of pristine white sand beaches
  • Snorkelling amongst the thousands of different species of fish
11 Days / 10nts
Private Islands 4nts & 6nts

Your Hotels:
4 nts - 5* Desroches Island Lodge
6 nts - 5* Saint Anne Resort & Spa

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Seychelles a collection of 155 lush tropical islands speckled across the Indian Ocean, northeast of Madagascar and about 1,000 miles east of Kenya. The nation is an archipelago of islands, some granite and some coral. Thirty-three islands are inhabited and almost half are protected nature reserves, which is why so much unique flora and fauna thrives and the proximity to the Equator means consistent tropical temperatures.

The giant tortoises from Aldabra now populate many of the islands of the Seychelles, which hosts some of the largest seabird colonies in the world. The marine life around the islands, especially the more remote coral islands, can be spectacular and more than 1000 species of fish have been recorded

In contrast to Mauritius, the islands are a lot more casual and laid back and very few travellers leave the Seychelles without happy memories and a relaxed smile, having discovered a truly unspoilt destination.

La Digue


A timeless oasis, hidden away in the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean, La Digue is the Seychelles of yesterday. In contrast to the hustle and bustle of Seychelles’ capital, Victoria, La Digue basks in the ageless tranquillity of a Seychelles almost unchanged since the earliest settlers stumbled upon the islands and claimed to have discovered the Garden of Eden.

Home to some of the country’s most beautiful beaches, La Digue boasts the friendliest of people and most relaxing of atmospheres. Bicycles and ox-carts are the transport of the day and the pace of life is necessarily slower, whether it’s relaxing on the beach or pedalling to a restaurant for a light tropical lunch.



Mahé - Home to the quaint capital Victoria and the International Airport. A dramatic mountainous and lush interior of palms and cinnamon trees framed by over 70 beaches. The main resort area is Beau Vallon Bay. Hiring a car is the best way to explore, the island is so small you would be hard pressed to get lost



Praslin - Just 15 mins by light aircraft or 45 mins by high speed ferry from Mahe. Pristine beaches include Anse Boudin, Anse Georgette and Anse Lazio. The Vallee de Mai in Praslin is home to the rare black parrot and the unusual coco de mer that the Seychelles are famed for. The Curieuse Marine National Park accessed by chartered boat from Praslin is also a must experience.

Private Islands


The Seychelles Islands (in the Indian Ocean) have long been one of the world's most romantic destinations, indeed
Prince William and Kate spent their honeymoon there. and whilst the main islands are Mahé, Praslin and La Digue, there are several smaller islands, each one a gem in its own right.

Desroches offers superb diving, whilst North Island offers some of the best accommodations in Seychelles and is perfect for swimming and carefree relaxation.


  • Seychelles was first sighted in 1502. In 1609, the crew of the English East Indiaman 'Ascension' landed, which made it the first recorded landing on the shores of the Republic of Seychelles. On the 29th of June 1976, the Republic of Seychelles was declared independent from the rule of the United Kingdom.
  • The Seychelles Islands were once a hideout for pirates. The treasure of the infamous buccaneer Olivier Le Vasseur - valued at 100,000 euros probably remains hidden/buried to this day.
  • Cinnamon bark and copra are the main exports of Seychelles.
  • Aldabra is the world’s largest raised coral atoll and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is so vast that the whole of Mahé could fit inside its lagoon.
  • Aldabra is home to the only flightless bird in the Indian Ocean, the White-Throated Rail as well as to 273 species of plants and ferns. Aldabra also has the largest population of Giant Tortoises in the world; 150,000 in total.
  • The Coco-de-Mer Palm produces the largest seed in the world, which weighs up to 15kg+.
  • The Gardiners Frog is the world’s smallest frog - the adult male is the size of a human fingernail.
  • The endemic Jellyfish tree (Medusagyne oppostifolia), is considered to be one of the rarest trees on earth, with only a handful of specimens remaining.
  • Tracy Island, in the Thunderbirds blockbuster of 2004, was no other than the Seychelles North Island. Other scenes in the movie were also filmed in the famous Vallée de Mai on Praslin Island.
  • Seychelles is one of the few places in the world that has no real natural hazards or dangers.
  • The author of the famous James Bond character, Ian Fleming, wrote a few of his books at Le Northolme Hotel now called Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort & Spa. A character in 'For your eyes only' - Milton Krest – was named after a brand of tonic and ginger beer he had while on holiday in the Seychelles.
  • Victoria, the capital city, is the world’s smallest capital.


  • The capital city Victoria & local market & “Little Ben” - a famous landmark clock tower (Mahé)
  • Tea Factory - responsible for growing and manufacturing tea in the Seychelles (Mahé)
  • Valle de Mai (a preserved forest area) - on the list of World Heritage Sites because of the rare Coco de Mer palm tree (Praslin)
  • L'Union Coconut Plantation (it is now a museum) – see the demonstrations of some of the techniques used in coconut processing (La Digue)
  • Beaches with its white sand and huge granite boulders


  • Morne Seychellois National Park - the largest protected natural park in Seychelles (Mahé)
  • Ste Anne Marine Park (encompasses six small islands) – it is one of the world's most important nesting sites for hawksbill turtles (Mahé)
  • Black Pearl Ocean Farm – the only place in Seychelles that cultivate pearls from the “Black Lip Oyster” (Praslin)
  • The Veuve Reserve & Information Centre – get the information on the flora and fauna of the island and especially of the Black Paradise Flycatcher and Sea Turtles (La Digue)


  • Utegangar Riding Center – it is the only horse riding centre on the island offering Riding excursions and lessons (West coast of Mahé)
  • Trek through the Valle de Mai (a preserved forest area) or Hike at Fond Ferdinand and Glacis Noire (Praslin)
  • Horse riding at L’Union Estate (La Digue)
  • Deep sea fishing, Scuba diving or snorkeling
  • On Praslin Island, take a trip to Vallei de Mail  to see the rare black parrots.
  • The best way to get around is often by bicycle or Ox cart!
  • Just off the coast of Mahe is Round Island. On Sundays visit Doris Calais for lunch, where you can  enjoy Aubergine fritters, delicious Tuna Steaks and yummy Creole delicacies with the locals.
  • For a thrill, dive into the lagoon mouth. The tide is approximately 20 knots!
  • The Seychelles sun is strong, so don’t forget to bring sunglasses, SPF 30 suncream and a hat!
  • Don’t drink tap water; bottled water is safe and cheap.
  • Visit Anse aux Pins on Mahe, where you can buy coconut shell handicrafts, handmade ceramic pottery and other locally made products.
  • Visit the local’s favourite secret restaurant, Coco Rouge on Praslin Island, for truly authentic local dishes.
  • Try local cuisine carefully, as it will often contain spices and coconut milk.
  • For the best tea in town, visit the Tea Tavern on Mahe Island.
  • Remember to try a shot of Coco D’amour, the locals favourite liqueur, made from coconut extract.

Getting There SEYCHELLES

Direct flights twice a week from London Heathrow. Friday and Sunday evenings (arriving the next morning) return services leave on Thursday mornings and Saturday night. Flights currently touchdown in either Milan or Rome, but no change of aircraft is required. A choice of European and Creole menus are offered, with an enhanced service in Pearl Class, with a choice of complimentary wines, spirits and soft drinks.

Inter-island flights in Seychelles – Air Seychelles operates most inter-island flights including a regular daily “shuttle” service between Mahé and Praslin. Please note; there is a baggage limit on these flights; a left luggage facility is available at Mahé airport.

Travel Classes:
Economy Class – seat pitch approx. 32”; luggage allowance 23kgs; entertainment on drop-down screens throughout the cabins.

Pearl Class (Business Class) – seat pitch approx. 68”, in lie-flat seats with built-in massage function and footrest extension; luggage allowance 30kgs; personal hand-held entertainments system with choice of films; complimentary airport lounge access at London Heathrow and Mahé; enjoy a separate check-in and priority boarding and disembarkation.

To Seychelles via Abu Dhabi – three daily flights from London Heathrow to Abu Dhabi, and two daily flights from Manchester. From Abu Dhabi, there are four flights a week to Seychelles. There are a range of pre-departure facilities such as online check-in, choose your seat and print your boarding card.

General Facilities include:
  • In-flight entertainment – E-BOX a personal seat-back TV (enjoy the latest movies, TV shows, music and interactive games) in all classes.
  • Recharge your laptop or mobile phone, or connect your personal devices to the system, in all classes.
  • Dining - choose from regionally inspired dishes with locally sourced ingredients and free drinks in all classes.
Travel Classes:
Coral Economy Class – seat pitch approx. 32-34”; luggage allowance 23kgs (28kgs for Etihad Guest members); lumbar support.

Pearl Business Class – seat pitch approx. 49”; luggage allowance 30kgs; flat beds with in-built massage; complimentary chauffeur service in London Heathrow, Manchester and Abu Dhabi (mileage restrictions apply); also enjoy Etihad lounges.

Diamond First Class – 6’8” long flat comfy bed; luggage allowance 40kgs; in addition to the features of Pearl Business, Diamond First passengers can enjoy personal Diamond First suites with sliding privacy door; personal 23” TV screen; and personal concierge.

To Seychelles via Dubai - five daily flights from London Heathrow, three from London Gatwick, two from Manchester, two from Birmingham and one from Glasgow. There are a range of pre-departure facilities such as online check-in, choose your seat and print your boarding card.

General Facilities include:
  • “ice” entertainment system – personal seatback monitors provide up to 1200 channels to choose from (international movies, TV programs, music, video games) in all classes.
  • Dining - choose from regionally inspired dishes with locally sourced ingredients and free drinks in all classes.
Travel Classes:
Economy Class – seat pitch approx. 32-34”; luggage allowance 30kgs.

Business Class – seat pitch approx. 48-60” / lie-flat beds approx. 79” long; luggage allowance 40kgs. Priority check-in & baggage handling; complimentary chauffeur-drive service (mileage restrictions apply); executive lounges in the UK and Dubai.

First Class – seat pitch approx. 69”; luggage allowance 50kgs. First class passengers enjoy individual private suites on selected aircraft; personal mini-bar; exclusive cabin crew service; dining service with fine wines and champagne.


Language: The official languages are Seychellois Creole, English and French.

Currency: The official currency is Seychelles Rupee (SCR; symbol Rs) = 100 cents. US$, Euros, £GB & Credit cards are widely accepted.

Time Difference: +4 hrs GMT

Tourist Board: http:// www.seychelles.travel

Visa Requirements: No visa required to enter Seychelles if you are British and a citizen of the EU, the USA, Australia, or a number of other countries. For more information please visit http://www.mfa.gov.sc/index.php.  

Passport: A valid passport is required with a minimum 6 months remaining on your passport from the date of return to the UK and an available empty page.

Security: For the latest information visit the foreign office website at www.fco.gov.uk and select ‘Country Advice’.

Voltage: 220-240v. Seychelles uses the British standard square three-pin.

Religion: 83% Roman Catholic with Anglican, Seventh Day Adventist, Muslim, Baha'i and other minorities.

Health: Hepatitis A / Tetanus vaccinations are recommended. Check with your Doctor for latest information.

Water: Bottled water is recommended.

2012 Public Holidays:
01 Jan - New Year
06 Apr - Good Friday
07 Apr- Holy Saturday
08 Apr - Easter Sunday
09 Apr - Easter Monday
01 May - Labour Day
05 Jun - Liberation Day (Anniversary of 1977 Coup)
07 Jun - Corpus Christi
18 Jun - National Day
29 Jun - Independence Day
15 Aug - Assumption/La Digue Festival
01 Nov - All Saints' Day
08 Dec - Immaculate Conception
25 Dec - Christmas Day

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