Why Detox?
Toxins may be as a result of dietary or lifestyle choices or exposure to pollution of many types. Even emotional stress can leave a toxic residue in our body. During a detoxification program your body is provided with the resources and environment with which to support its own cleansing efforts. When properly supported, our body can eliminate toxins, relax and rejuvenate itself thereby moving towards improved health with high energy levels, mental clarity and emotional stability.

The Bodrum Centre
The Centre is located at the Aegean town of Türkbükü, set among mandarin orange groves in the peaceful surroundings, minutes away from the turquoise bay. The Bodrum centre is a purifi cation break that incorporates various therapies, exercises, meditation, yoga, energy work and guidance on how to live a healthier lifestyle.

We put our clients first. Personal service means we have time for the detail. No matter how small or large the requirement, we will always endeavour to provide clients with the best possible options available, to create a unique travel experience. The detox program is based on a 7-day juice fast. Throughout the day you will drink tasty shakes (juices combined with detox supplements) and take minerals and herbs to complete your nutrition. Although you will be fasting, you will not feel hungry since the shakes contain a bulking agent which signals to your digestive system that you are full. You will also be offered other fresh fruit and vegetable beverages, and may drink herbal teas and a delicious warm soup broth rich in minerals throughout the day.

The rooms are set in blocks, they are simple but comfortably furnished, with terraces peaceful surrounding and a relaxed atmosphere. All have TV, bathrooms with shower and tea making facility ( herbal teas).

Pool, main centre.


Who Can Join the Detox program?
If you are pregnant or breast feeding, you shouldn’t join the program. If you have had surgery, you may join only when you are fully recovered. The Centre does not accept people who have had serious surgery in the last 6 months. The detox program is available to those that have hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, hormonal illnesses, haemorrhoids or constipation only after getting approval from your doctor. LifeCo suggest that you must consult your doctor and get approval prior to making any arrangements for a detox. Acceptance on the detox programme will be at discretion of LifeCo and subject to the completion of a medical questionnaire. Your completed medical questionnaire will form the basis of LifeCo decisions on treatments. Once at the centre, you must follow the instructions and advice given by the Detox Team and accept that you have full responsibility for your health. LifeCo also recommend you do not cease taking prescription medications. LifeCo are not curing diseases or chronic conditions. Each guest will be responsible for their own medical care throughout the detox period. Professional staff will act in an advisory capacity only. The Detox programme will not be part of the package holiday arrangements organized by us and arrangements will be between you and LifeCo. LifeCo conditions are set out on the medical questionnaire and by submitting the questionnaire you confirm that the detox arrangements are not the responsibility of Mosaic Holidays Ltd.

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