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72hrs in Beirut

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Luxury72hrs in Beirut
At a Glance
Overview Highlights
  • Solidere District - the French Mandate historic city center
  • Martyr's Place – famous local market known as Souk el Barghout
  • The Grand Serail (known as the Government Palace) 
  • Byblos – a beautiful, charming ancient fishing harbor with its own crusader castle and roman remains
4 Days / 3 Nights
Beirut (3nts)
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3nts Beirut – 4* Golden Tulip De Ville

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Lebanon – Latest Travel Advice Until Further Notice:
--- Updated 23 October 2012 - 18:00hrs ---

Following this week's unrest in some areas of Lebanon, the FCO have changed their advice and are now advising against all but essential travel to the country as a whole. They are not advising British nationals to leave the country.

The Safety of our customers in this destination remains our top priority. We continue to monitor the situation closely and will update our advice as and when the situation or FCO advise changes. We encourage all our customers to respect any instruction offered by local authorities. If customers are concerned about remaining in the city, please contact our resort representatives or call our 24hr Duty number on 07967508069 (+44 7967508069)

Foreign & Commonwealth Office latest advice: http://www.fco.gov.uk/en/travel-and-living-abroad/travel-advice-by-country/middle-east-north-africa/lebanon. Accordingly, this advice will affect our customers due to depart for holidays to these destinations over the next few days and until further notice. As we cannot predict how long these restrictions will be in place, at this point we can only offer advice for customers due to depart until Friday 30th November. Please do not call us for advice if you are travelling after this date; as we need to prioritise clients first.

Customers due to travel to Lebanon 23rd October - 30th November: We are offering a full refund or alternative travel arrangements to these customers. If you wish to cancel and receive a refund, please email this request in writing to our administration team at admin@mosaicholidays.co.uk , and we will return your money as soon as possible. If you wish to choose alternative travel arrangements, please contact our reservations team on 0208 5744000.


A heady mixture of ancient and modern, Lebanon is working hard to recapture its title as the ‘Paris of the Orient’. Visit Beirut and admire the beautifully reconstructed colonial relics and mosques and enjoy world class restaurants and bars. It is easy to understand why Beirut is described as the Middle East’s most vibrant city.

Baalbek was once known as the ‘Sun City’ in the ancient world and is home to the most impressive ancient Roman site in Lebanon. The site was built on an extravagant scale that outshone anything in Rome at the time.

Aanjar has Lebanon's best-preserved Islamic archaeological site, the only significant Umayyad site in Lebanon and the only Umayyad fortified city in the Middle East. The most impressive remains at the site are those of the great palace.

Byblos is a beautiful, charming ancient fishing harbour with its own crusader castle and Roman remains. Shop in the souq and stop at restaurants to enjoy fresh seafood in this quiet escape from busy Beirut.

Tyre, the ancient Phoenician city in southern Lebanon, which juts out into the Mediterranean Sea. Tyre offers an impressive array of excavated ancient ruins, spread across three separate archaeological areas.

Tripoli is Lebanon’s second-largest city; however you will not find the glitz of Beirut here. Instead of clubs and 5 star hotels, Tripoli is famous for its medieval Mamluk architecture, old city souq, huge fortress and sweet pastries.

Beiteddene, meaning ‘House of Faith’ is a magnificent Ottoman-era palace, perched on a steep hill. Building work commenced in 1788; the palace took 30 years to complete. Stroll around the grounds, take in the grand courtyards and marvel at the beautiful mosaics.



Admire the beautifully reconstructed colonial relics and mosques and enjoy chic restaurants and bars. It is easy to understand why Beirut is described as the Middle East’s most vibrant city. The locals are proud, patriotic, stylish, friendly and happy to help.

Visit a museum or admire the campuses of world class universities. Take an evening stroll along the cornice and watch the sunset over Pigeon Rocks. Spend the afternoon sipping cocktails at one of the exclusive beach clubs or enjoy modern fusion cuisines in one of the many fashionable restaurants and bars in the lively neighbourhoods of Gemmayzeh and Achrafiye.


  • The city of Byblos in Lebanon is considered to be one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world.
  • Lebanon was once the homeland to the seafaring Phoenicians who spear across the Mediterranean.
  • Alexander the Great attacked and burned the city Tyre which saw an end to the long standing Persian Rule
  • Throughout the centuries the country played host to the Egyptian Empire, Persians, Assyrians, Hellenistic, Romans, Arabs and the Ottoman Empire
  • Lebanon derives its name from Julius Caesar; from the Semitic name ‘lbn’ meaning white and ‘Na’an’ meaning land
  • Following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire after World War I, the five regions which make up modern Lebanon were mandated to France
  • Lebanon gained independence from the French in 1943
  • Lebanon has one of the highest gold reserves in the Middle East
  • There are several mountainous regions and Lebanon has several skiing areas and the ski season runs from November through March
  • Throughout the history of Lebanon, the capital of Beirut has been destroyed and rebuilt 7 times

  • Glamorous Beirut with its beaches, café and bar culture
  • Historical Baalbek and its ancient Roman ruins (known as "Sun City" in the ancient world)
  • Ancient Tyre, dating back to 2750 BC - offers an impressive array of excavated ancient ruins, spread across three separate archaeological areas

  • The biblical city of Byblos (charming ancient fishing harbour), crusader castle and Roman ruins
  • Fortified Umayyad city of Aanjar
  • Ottoman Beiteddine Palace (meaning "House of Faith")

  • Ski Lebanon at one of its many alpine resorts
  • Visit Jeita Grotto, with its extraordinary stalactites and stalagmites
  • Go Caving in one of Lebanon’s 300 spectacular caves

  • Stop at Al-Balad restaurant in Beitut for the tastiest, best-value Lebanese mezze in Downtown. The spicy red hummus, in particular, is good.
  • Two great urban rambles after dark. Upmarket Hamra Street in west Beirut and bar-lined Rue Gemmayze in east Beirut.
  • Check out the famous Souk El Tayeb, Beirut's first ever open-air farmers' market held every Saturday morning. An amazing array of breads, herbs, olive oil, fruit & veg and much more.
  • Go Local! Al-Achi is a hole-in-the-wall bakery in Balbaak, crammed with good pastries. Especially delicious are the custard-filled chocolate éclairs.
  • Try something different and take in a show. Modern Lebanese plays in Arabic, French and sometimes English are played at Al-Medina Theatre in Beirut.
  • For a flavour of modern Beirut, stroll along Bliss Street, in front of the 19th-century American University campus. As well as fast food joints, you'll pass boutiques, bookshops and galleries.
  • If you're looking for one-off clothes, carpets, jewelry, antiques or other special bits and bobs, head to Saifi Village, a beautifully restored arts quarter in Beirut.
  • Planning on exploring the souqs of Lebanon? Be advised that many of the stalls shut on Fridays.
  • For art-buffs, check out the works of local artists at the Agial Art Gallery in Beirut.
  • 20th-century poet and author Gibran Kahlil Gibran was Lebanese. Carry a copy of his famous book 'The Prophet' on your journey. His hometown of Bsharri has a dedicated museum.

Getting There LEBANON

Middle Eastern Airlines
A daily service from London Heathrow to Beirut with a range of pre-departure facilities.

Travel Classes:
Economy Class - seat pitch approx. 32”; luggage allowance 30kgs.

Business Class - seat pitch approx. 60”; luggage allowance 30kgs. Business benefits: separate check-in area and access to Cedar Lounges with business centre.

Language: The official language of Lebanon is Arabic, followed by French as the second language. However, English is widely spoken and understood.

Currency: The official currency is the Lebanese lira (LL) (known locally as the Lebanese pound) - LBP; symbol L£ = 100 piastres. Credit cards are widely accepted.

Time Difference: +2 hrs GMT and +3 hrs GMT in summer

Flying Time: approx. 5 hours

Tourist Board: http://www.lebanon-tourism.gov.lb/

Visa Requirements: No visa required prior to enter Lebanon for UK passport holders.  Visit entry visa will be received at Beirut International airport, upon arrival. Visitor visas can generally be renewed for stays of up to three months. Embassy of Lebanon in London – Tel. +44207 229 7265.
Passport: A valid passport is required with a minimum 6 months remaining on your passport from the date of return to the UK and an available empty page.

Security: For the latest information visit the foreign office website at www.fco.gov.uk and select ‘Country Advice’.

Voltage: 230v

Religion: The main two religions are Islam (Sunni and Shia) and Christianity (mainly Greek Orthodox, Maronite, Armenian and Protestant).

Health: Hepatitis A / Tetanus vaccinations are recommended before arriving in Lebanon. Check with your Doctor for latest information.

Water: Bottled water is recommended.

2012 Public Holidays:
1 Jan - New Year's Day
6 Jan - Orthodox Armenian Christmas
4 Feb - Mawlid al-Nabi (Prophet's Birthday)
9 Feb - Feast of St Maroun
6 Apr - Good Friday; 8 Apr - Easter Sunday; 15 Apr - Orthodox Easter
1 May - Labour Day
6 May - Martyrs' Day
25 May - Resistance and Liberation Day
15 Aug - Assumption of the Virgin
19 Aug - Eid al-Fitr (End of Ramadan)
26 Oct - Eid al-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice)
1 Nov - All Saints' Day
15 Nov - Islamic New Year
22 Nov - Independence Day; 24 Nov - Ashoura
25 Dec - Christmas Day

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