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Taybet Zaman Hotel
Rustic Charm 4*

Taybet Zaman Hotel
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A unique hotel, adding an authentic experience to your stay in Petra. Simply furnished, reflecting village life, the hotel is full of atmosphere and Jordanian charm.

The Hotel

This hotel was the innovative idea by the mayor of a village on the brink of extinction. Built on the once ancient village of Taybeh and serviced by the local village, the hotel has tried to retain its authentic features, giving a flavour of simple village life. It is located in the village of Taybeh, approx. 12kms away from Petra.

  • 1 Restaurant and 1 Bar
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Small museum

Rooms & Facilities

Hotel Facilities:

  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • A Turkish Bath
  • Small museum
  • Souk where pottery, weaving and other crafts are produced; an Arabic bakery

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Facilities can not be guaranteed to be open at all times from time to time facilities may close for various reason such as due to maintenance or low occupancy, without notice.


The hotel has 105 bungalow style Rooms and Suites. All rooms are simple, authentic and uniquely appointed, with private bathrooms, air con/heat and other modern amenities.



The Taybet Zaman has 1 Restaurant and 1 Bar.

Sahtain Restaurant - a typically local restaurant representing the regional rural life and cuisine as well as occasional nightly entertainment in the village square.
Sahtain snack bar - a cosy place where you can enjoy a drink before dinner.



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